The market for IT services in the past years, it has gone through both domestically and a long period of international crisis.
Companies in the industry, from the largest to the smallest, were accustomed to providing systems and services often not optimal in terms of the cost / benefit ratio.

The changing needs of customers, who expect from the use of computer continuously measurable contributions to the innovation of technology and the increase in productivity, resulted in a sudden significant change in the characteristics of demand and a dangerous long period of crisis in companies with organic often overabundant, inflexible, expensive, highly concentrated within itself and not very attentive to the new needs of customers.

However, the demand for IT services has not vanished but has changed and is changing rapidly and, even in the crisis period, they were born new computer services companies, have been successful and continue to thrive, and many other more innovative and balanced will be set up and they will be successful.

In such a scenario, in May 2006, the PV Consulting Company was established with the aim of providing services for the realization and management of applications, consulting and outsourcing delivery within the HR world, providing customers with tangible results reliable, in short times and at competitive costs always with the maximum efficiency.

In ten years of operation the PV Consulting has grown considerably, has been consolidated and has gained more and more customers and more and more prestige and is now recognized as one of the best companies in the Human Resource Management issues with his group of specialists consultants .